About Us​

Shalom Shalev the CEO of the Company"SLS Shalev Agencies LTD" is been active in the beer business for many years."SLS" company specialized in Consulting, Marketing, and the highest equipment required for beer in the highest standard possible.


Our company Imports exclusive Beer within Israel that concludes Bichoff (Germany) and Barbe Ruby (Belgium). 

We provide a wide technical service to all of Israel, Installation right to the customer and the best equipment possible for Beer.


In addition, our company provides Rentable Bars for beer to all of Israel, and market for all kinds of events that the customer wishes.


Exclusive agents of:


Antoine (Belgium)

Belgian Corporation "Antoine" that specializes in pouring of Beer and is considered to be the best in The word.

Spubloy (Germany)

Specialized in the cleaning of products that is involved with beer. Among our products, we offer cleaning systems that clean glass cups with pressure of water and capsules cleaners.

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